Discontinued products from our Jacks & Lifting systems range

REHOBOT Hydraulics wants to be a strong and competent partner within high pressure hydraulics – whether you need to lift, push or pull. We have deepened our knowledge in this area since 1924. We develop our products and methods continuously and, as part of keeping our product range up to date with the latest technology, sometimes need to phase out older products.

A number of products from our range Jacks & Lifting systems will be phased out and discontinued in the fall of 2017. We will offer the existing products for sale as long as the stock lasts. If you need, or will need, any of the following products, we recommend that you contact us with your quote or order already today.

Item code Name
43450 GTP60-1 Trolley jack 60 ton
37589 GHP2-2 Trolley jack 2 ton
50071 GH1,5-3 Trolley jack 1,5 ton
50072 GK2-3 Trolley jack 2 ton
45617 GH1.5-2 Trolley jack 1.5 ton
46347 PB6-1 Axle stand 6 ton
46346 PB3-1 Axle stand 3 ton
44077 Hydramite “Plus” Jack
33702 Hydraclaw 9501W Jack