NIKE Hydraulics is now called REHOBOT Hydraulics

NIKE Hydraulics is a well-known brand for most people within the high-pressure hydraulics sector. For many decades, high-quality hydraulic products were produced under the NIKE brand in our factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden, which has been distributed over large parts of the world.

In the city of Eskilstuna, where we still operate, the brand name is very well known. Many city residents have a relative, friend or neighbor who has worked at NIKE. We are proud of our strong connection to Eskilstuna, and of still conducting world-class production in Sweden. Even today, we are often reminded of how much our customers like their NIKE products.

Since 2011, the company has changed its name to REHOBOT Hydraulics AB instead of NIKE Hydraulics AB. It's still the same, reliable quality you already like - but with a new brand name!

We look forward to serving you with world-class high-pressure hydraulics for many decades to come!

REHOBOT Hydraulics logotype with NIKE shadow