What do leading Windpower & Maritime manufacturers have in common?

Both use products manufactured by REHOBOT! The Marine and Offshore segment is very important for REHOBOT. Our products are used on the vessels throughout the entire lifecycle. Our hydraulic pumps and cylinders are often used in connection with the construction of ships.

The supply chain of the marine industry include manufacturers of marine diesel engines. They use the service kit from REHOBOT to mount large ball bearings and when testing the pressure of the fuel chamber. Products from REHOBOT are used in their production.

Shipowners want to ensure their ships to always be in operation. The advantage of REHOBOT's wide network of dealers, mean that replacement parts can be provided with short delivery times. Independent of where the vessels might be located in the world.

REHOBOT has extensive experience of the requirements drawn up by the marine industry, please contact us for more information.

Marin & Off-shore

Products for Marine

Products for Marine

REHOBOT products are used in the production of ships. Within a wind turbine can hydraulic cylinders be use to mechanically lock the nascell.