We want to do the right thing

The J2L group with subsidiaries, which includes REHOBOT Hydraulics, has established a whistleblowing channel. The aim is to promote an open and transparent working environment for both employees and other contacts that the company/group has. The group's ambition is to have an environment where rules and regulations are followed and an environment where employees and other people who come into contact with the group are treated well and with respect.

Why a whistleblower channel?

A whistleblower channel exists so that you, as an employee, customer, supplier or if you are otherwise closely connected to the company, can report if there are irregularities in the company. Examples of things that you can whistleblow on are crime, corruption, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour. It can apply to things that have happened or something that is at risk of happening.

The whistleblower service "Whistle Secure"

By reporting via the "Whistle Secure" service, you can remain anonymous, and according to Swedish law, the company is prohibited from finding out who you are. This protection allows you to report in full anonymity without risking any reprisals because of what you report. The service is open 24/7 for reporting. All matters are handled by group management, with external support from lawyers if necessary, with the aim of acting both quickly and correctly.

The service can be found at: https://www.whistlesecure.com/j2l