Covid-19 update from Rehobot Hydraulics

Dear customer,

I hope you all are well and that your business is doing okay given the circumstances.

I want to write a few lines to inform you about how the Covid-19 crisis affects Rehobot Hydraulics. Rehobot has experienced a decline in the business, but we are financially solvent and there is no need for concern. Rehobot is more than capable to deliver both short term and long term. At the existing level of economic activity, Rehobot will weather the storm without any loss of personnel and thus stand ready when the crisis is over.

However, Rehobot has due to lower economic activity decreased our production capacity. This is of course affecting Rehobot’s lead time. We work hard to minimize the effect on lead time but ask for your patience.

Together we will overcome this and meet the next booming market with full capacity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Johan Theorell
CEO, Rehobot Hydraulics