Extra cost-efficiency due to extra durability

REHOBOT has done it again! Here is a short story on exceeding the expectations and expanding a life span of a cylinder – to make it safer, last longer and cut your expenses!

Enkelverkande hålcylindrar aluminium CHFA-serien

Projecting different applications, you have probably ran into a dilemma where you want a light-weight but durable cylinder to run as many cycles as possible. You would battle between a heavier but more durable steel cylinder and a lighter but somewhat less suited aluminum cylinder.

As you probably know, aluminum cylinders normally lasts about 5 000 cycles regardless of the brand. Good news is that REHOBOT has managed to develop a customized aluminum cylinder with the minimum requirement of 10 000 cycles.

The cylinder is formed on the basics of CHFA and CFA series. Just imagine which benefits longer life span of a cylinder means for you:

  1. Convenience of a light weight cylinder in an application
  2. Increased safety margin on the cylinder life
  3. Savings:

Let’s say, your application has 10 cylinders that run 15 cycles per day each. In about a year1), you have reached a replacement stage for your cylinders. Hypothetically, having spent 500 USD per cylinder initially, it brings you to 25 000 USD for the 5 year project on cylinders only. If only it was possible to increase the lifespan, you could have cut cost and saved about 10 000 USD2)!

This customization is available even for your projects. Our R&D department is ready for the new challenges, do not hesitate to contact us – it can be ground-breaking!

1) Given that it runs 333 days a year.
2) The cost of the customized cylinder with an increased amount of cycles will be higher than the regular.