High demand on ultra-high pressure pumps

Launched in January 2016, the new hydraulic high pressure pumps has had unprecedented demand. Perfect for oil rigs, wind power plants, railways and various industries – basically everywhere bolt tensioning is necessary. Available in 150 and 227 MPa versions. The pump comes in three options:

  • Complete set: frame/handle with 2 gauges and valve. Perfect when you need full control of your hydraulic system.
    • An air pressure regulator that enables full control of the hydraulic pressure in the application by regulating the ingoing air pressure.
    • The CAG-pump also has an option to change whether the hydraulic pressure is measured at the end of a line with up to 8 tools, or before the first/only tool – simply by turning a knob.
    • All and all incased by a sturdy protective frame. The frame works as a carry on handle too.
    • As always, safety first! The gauges are protected by a polycarbonate shield for your convenience.
    • Best solution if you need a robust stationary pump that can still be easily transported if necessary.
  • Want to keep it simple? If you do not need to connect more than one tool at a time and gauge is not really that important for you, the best solution for you is a “naked” pump. No frame, no gauge, no valve – just the pump. You will still get the job done and you have saved money!
  • Customised solution: get the pump, season to taste. Want a pump and a valve to control your system and nothing else? No problem. Want a hose and a gauge to come with it? Just let us know – your wish is our command! Contact us for details.Last but not least, thanks to innovative technology we were able to cut manufacturing cost so you don,t have to spend a fortune on this unique product. Ordering details is available here.

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