New scam attempt via e-mail

Dear customers,

We have been notified that another scam attempt has been sent by e-mail in our name. If you have received the following message – please ignore it and delete the e-mail. It is not a legitimate e-mail from REHOBOT Hydraulics.

We are carrying out an audit on our account and trying to balance up. We will like to know if you owe us any outstanding payments with the total amount and when is the payment due?

Also if you have not paid yet, kindly hold on with the payment.

Your quick response will be appreciated.

Best Regards

Carl Gustaf Amritzer
Sales Export Manager

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Evn though it is not within our control, we do apologize for any inconvenience. Furthermore we would like to point out the following:

  • Legitimate Rehobot Hydraulics e-mail communication come from the following domain names:
  • If you are ever uncertain if any kind of communication is legitimate, please contact us on:
    • Email: info@rehobot, or directly to
    • Telephone: +46 (0)16-16 82 00

In order to clarify further and avoid scams, we would like to emphasize that REHOBOT Hydraulics has NOT changed bank account details or other payment details, so what has previously been valid still applies. The correct information is always found on your invoice. We also want to report that REHOBOT does not use debt collection companies to handle payments. As always – if unsure, you are more than welcome to call us!

Best regards,
REHOBOT Hydraulics
Customer Service