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Convert the power of nature into working force

Hydraulics is used in all REHOBOT products. Using the force of nature simplifies the maintenance and service of our machines.

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Always exceeding your expectations!

REHOBOT’s reputation has been founded on quality of the products produced. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, not only with the quality and reliability of the products, but also with a comprehensive customer orientated support and service structure. REHOBOT industrial hydraulic products are used in many different applications and users worldwide. Process, mining, steel, construction, railways and shipbuilding are some of the many industries we serve.

The products and equipment we supply includes hydraulic hand pumps, air hydraulic pumps, electrical hydraulic pumps, steel and aluminium cylinders, push & pull kits, hydraulic pullers, spreaders, cutting tools, and specialized tool kits.

REHOBOT works in close collaboration with many leading OEM companies, which has resulted in the development of many customised solutions, meeting the client’s exact unique demands, ensuring a long and mutually profitable relationship.

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