Workshop equipment

Jacks, Lifting systems and Special tools

We have been serving the automotive industry with jacks since 1924. We are proud to still deliver hight performing tools and equipment for automotive workshops.

Hydraulic lifting systems – quality for generations!

REHOBOT’s workshop equipment is user friendly and designed to cope with harsh in situ service conditions. The areas of use of the products are wide and may often be found in conjunction with service and maintenance on all kind of vehicles.

REHOBOT's lifting equipment is used worldwide and in all possible applications. Some examples are in the service of heavy and light vehicles, special lifts for trucks or for changing crawler on an excavator.

We are happy to tailor our products to our customers' needs. Something that always ensure a flexible and cost effective solution to our customers' lifting problems.

Our designs are based on our long experience in the field of hydraulics. The results are products which are easy to repair & service - saving time & money! The useable life of REHOBOT's products is always long. Our products provide power that will last for generations!

Bottle jacks - With up to 15 tonnes lifting capacity can the bottle jacks in REHOBOT's range be used in automotive or related applications. The jacks are compact designed and suitable for storage in confined spaces.

Special Lifting - The product range includes devices for specific lifting applications. High stroke lengths, heavy loads or low and limited lifting points are some special cases that REHOBOT's lifting devices can be adapted to. The product range shows some of the variants that evolved during our 95 year long history of the company.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss developing a special jack for your application.

REHOBOT products are:

  • High performance
  • High quality and service friendly
  • Functional and safe designed
  • Ergonomical and easy to use

Special equipment

  • Transmission jacks for gears or engines
  • Hydraulic ball joint extractors
  • Spring compressors
  • Special push & pull kits for bushing works