Rescue equipment – time critical actions in emergencies

Rescue equipment manufactured by REHOBOT is the result of extensive research and experience in the field of high pressure hydraulics. Close collaboration between rescue services, civil defence units and fire brigades is the base of REHOBOT’s high performing rescue tools. We are able to supply solutions for all rescue and disaster scene.

Hand operated tools - Our hand driven tools are compact and has a low weight. They are therefore easy to handle and carry.

Manual rescue tools - Manual hydraulic rescue tools is the preferred choice of equipment in many situations. For instance in natural disasters, accidents at remote locations and earthquakes where there is an unavailability of electricity and gas

Many customers of REHOBOT use such tools as a backup unit or complement to their engine driven pump units. The design of our manual operated tools enable them to be used at once, without preparations. This ensures a rapid action in rescue operations at the accident scene.

Motor driven tools - Motor driven tools manufactured by REHOBOT are powerful and reliable tools that simply perform year after year. Due to our long experience within the field of developing motor driven rescue tools and pumps, we always ensure suitable and cost effective solutions exceeding your needs.

Customised solutions - Sometimes our standard range of products does not fulfil the requirements of our customers. In such cases are we always open for a discussion on how we can adopt our product range to meet your expectations and demands.

REHOBOT rescue tools are:

  • High performance and reliable
  • High quality devices
  • Functional design
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Safe to use and operate

Rescue components used for

  • Cutting - Cutting tools with different power sources
  • Spreaders - Tools for opening doors or spreading
  • Safety - Safety support beams for safe operations
  • Lifting - Jacks and lifting devices
  • Pipe sealing - Pipe seals to stop leakages