Pressure gauge protection TMG

Robust gauge protection is ideal for harsh environments and favoured where the risk of dropped objects is high. The protection is prepared and designed to fit on all of our pumps in the PHS-series, both for small and the large gauges. Easily attached with a snap-on design without any extra tools necessary.

  • Fits all pumps in the PHS-series
  • Simple snap-on design
  • Increased application opportunities due to enhanced protection
  • Saves valuable time using the product instead of repairing it
  • Robust design
  • Great overview and reading of the gauge inspite of the grid

Technical documentation

Data sheet (DS65666_EN)

Product list


Item code

Suitable for

TMG65 Gauge protection Small


PHS pumps with small gauge (65 mm)

TMG100 Gauge protection Large


PHS pumps with large gauge (100 mm)