Re-launch of the puller buggy

REHOBOT Hydraulics is happy to announce the re-launch of our puller buggy, with updated information and pictures of all the products and the accessories within the range.

Hydraulic pullers are heavy tools. Especially when you need the tool on a day-by-day basis. This is where the puller buggy comes in very handy. The hydraulic pullers and all extra equipment stay in one single place, easily accessible when you need them.

Hydraulic puller buggy kits for everyone

Now you can easily select the contents of the products in your buggy. For your convenience, we have come up with three pre-selected sets to save you the time and effort in decision-making.

  • AHV50-110 Basic
  • AHV50-110 Advanced
  • AHV50-110 Professional

Read more about the respective models at the product page for puller buggies.