REHOBOT Hydraulics turns 90 years

Not all 90 year olds are as keen as REHOBOT Hydraulics, the Swedish company that has provided everything from global companies to local workshops with hydraulic solutions since 1924. Through the years, the company has produced a wide range of product families, served numerous clients and met both success and challenges.

The company has always been based in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and the history of the company has contained a wide range of large and small events. A milestone was in 2010, when the company changed its name from NIKE Hydraulics to REHOBOT Hydraulics, in connection with a change of ownership. The company’s products and focus, however, remains the same – hydraulics in the segments Automotive, Industrial and Rescue. The most important thing for the company in the current situation is the way forward. The company’s CEO Kjell-Roger Holmström says “REHOBOT Hydraulics is well positioned for the future. We continuously renew our machinery in order to continue delivering world-class high-pressure hydraulics, to both new and old customers. We look forward to expanding our market share based on a solid product range, which proves our reliability and quality. “