Rebranded, but still unrivalled

REHOBOT — rebranded, but still unrivalled in the high-pressure hydraulics world

Whilst the name may be new, REHOBOT Hydraulics – the new identity for NIKE Hydraulics – retains the same passion for unrivalled quality that the company has had since its inception in 1924.

REHOBOT Hydraulics AB is a successful Swedish company that develops, produces and markets products and systems based on high-pressure hydraulics. The company,s innovations are associated with high-quality, and are well-known and relied upon in workshops – and beyond – throughout a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, power equipment and marine.

REHOBOT is embarking on a new chapter in its famous history with a new identity, but will remain focussed on its customers, and meeting their current and future workshop equipment needs. REHOBOT is committed to providing all the essential high-pressure hydraulic tools that these customers need to move their own businesses forward. These solutions are designed to improve efficiency and cut costs in the workplace for operators – minimising the amount of time spent on repairs and maintenance in the process.

”This is an important and exciting time in the history of the company,” comments Kjell-Roger Holmström, managing director, REHOBOT Hydraulics AB. ”By securing the best from NIKE Hydraulics and making it even better, our aim is to continue to be a reliable developer and supplier of robust industrial products, providing innovative high-pressure hydraulic solutions.

”We are committed to offering unrivalled availability, service and quality, to our customers,” continues Holmström. ”REHOBOT is also planning to invest in geographic expansion, and also increase productivity and customer service. The aim of these developments is to build a sustainable partnership with our valued customers.”

REHOBOT offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic equipment and accessories. The company manufactures cylinders, pumps, tools, jacks, rescue tools and other accessories for the workshop as part of six key product categories. The ”brands” interests extend across three core sectors: Industrial; automotive; and rescue.

Given its extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality high-pressure hydraulics REHOBOT aims to offer the best-in-class package of products, evaluated in state-of-the-art, in-house testing facilities. REHOBOT has the ability to create bespoke solutions for its customers, providing cost-effective and reliable solutions, and to deliver a safer environment within the workplace.

REHOBOT operates across Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Asia, but is also represented in other parts of the world through a network of distributors. Today it employs more than 45 employees, and records annual sales of around SEK 80 million. In the near future, the company is planning major global expansion, with new facilities, personnel and products planned for the foreseeable future.