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Turning the power of nature into working power

Hydraulics is used in every REHOBOT product. Using the power of nature simplifies the service and maintenance of your machines.

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Quality has and will always be the foundation of REHOBOT's success. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations! Not only in terms of the quality of our products, but also in terms of our customer service and support. REHOBOT's industrial hydraulics can be found in many industries and with users all over the world. Process, mining, steel, construction and shipbuilding are just some of the many areas we serve.

The product range includes hydraulic pumps, cylinders and a wide selection of accessories. Push and pull kits, hydraulic pullers for ball bearings and bushings, as well as power tools such as spreaders and cutting tools, are also part of our offer.

In close co-operation with leading OEM customers REHOBOT Hydraulics develops customised products and original equipment. Our solutions always fulfil the customer's unique needs and requirements and ensure a long-lasting and profitable partnership with us.