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A successful Swedish company

REHOBOT Hydraulics is a successful Swedish company that develops, produces and markets products and systems based on high pressure hydraulics.

Our products are associated with high quality and are well known, mainly under the former NIKE Hydraulics brand. The product range includes, among others, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, jacks and rescue equipment. Our business is divided into three business areas:

  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Rescue

The company operates in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA, but is also represented in other parts of the world through a wide network of distributors. We are in an exciting phase of expansion and have in recent years invested in new production facilities, staff and development of the company's product range. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Company presentation

Problem solvers

We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high quality high pressure hydraulics. The development department works with modern technical tools and has a well-equipped test laboratory. New products are often developed as a solution to one of our customers' power problems. Our long experience enables us to create solutions that are efficient in terms of power, time and cost.

Strong together

Our products are marketed and distributed in large parts of the world with the help of a developed dealer and service network. Together with our partners and customers, we create shared success.

The journey through Rehobots history

Lars Herbert Landin


In 1924, Herbert Landin Domkraftfabrik was founded by Herbert Landin, then only 22 years old. Initially, the sale of 'luffarnubber' for shoe soles contributed to the core business of manufacturing mechanical jacks. Towards the end of the 1920s, the company began supplying mechanical jacks to Volvo, its first major customer. Herbert Landin was then the first in Sweden to manufacture jacks, which were marketed under the NIKE brand.


In 1932 the first hydraulic jack was manufactured, and at the same time the first OEM agreement was signed with Volvo Trucks. In 1937, the business was incorporated and changed its name to Domkraft AB NIKE, which was the name and brand that would be used for a long time to come. At the same time, the company moved to new premises on Kungsgatan in Eskilstuna, and the entire workforce at this time was 12 people. During the 1930s, hydraulic hairdressing chairs were launched - a classic success product that is still in use in many hairdressing salons. They were manufactured and sold for many years afterwards. They are like vintage cars - more and more sought after over the years!

Mechanical chair


During the late 1930s and early 1940s, Domkraft AB NIKE experienced significant growth in sales volumes, with a growing share in the European market. This led to the appointment of an export manager in 1940, a key figure in driving sales in Western Europe. The company developed further with the establishment of its own foundry for mechanical components. The order book continued to expand, and in midsummer 1941 Domkraft AB NIKE was acquired by Kooperativa Förbundet (KF), now best known for its subsidiary Coop Butiker & Stormarknader AB. Investments were made in both production equipment and buildings, and the company introduced new products. During the Second World War, NIKE played a vital role in Swedish defence, including the manufacture of shell casings and concrete gun carriages, i.e. the rear ends of artillery tanks.


The years 1956-57 are milestones in the company's history. The big "giant lift" of the 3200 tonne water reservoir to the Örebro water tower was carried out - a lifting record to date. The lift was carried out in stages of 10 cm, and the total lift from the ground was 33 metres. In the mid-1950s, a product family was developed that would become another long-lived success - hydraulic drafting tables. They were produced in a variety of designs, such as President, Medium and Nikette. In 1958, 196 people were employed in the workshop and 82 in the foundry. In the same year, the standard production of jacks was moved from Kungsgatan to Björksgatan.


During the 1960s, a more uniform industrial programme of high-pressure hydraulic pumps and cylinders was developed. It was used early on for automotive steering systems, such as bench jacks for passenger cars. The decade also saw an OEM agreement for jacks with Scania. By this time the factory was becoming too small, and in 1968 a building was purchased in Vilsta, where most of the hydraulics production was concentrated.


In 1976, NIKE became part of AB Bygg- och Transportekonomi (BT), a company in the KF group, best known for its production of forklift trucks. The idea was that NIKE's knowledge of hydraulics would be utilised, including the production of pallet trucks and hydraulic units for forklifts. At the same time, the production of garage jacks took off and the I-PAK programme was launched. A new milestone was reached in 1977, when a new lifting record was set when the 10,500 tonne water reservoir was lifted during the construction of a water tower in Saudi Arabia.


In 1980 the company reached another milestone - 20 million jacks produced. In 1981, the Powerline and Dataliner directional systems were sold to AGA Geotronics / Nicator, thus further developing the company. In 1986 the Cooperative Association sold NIKE to private parties in three parts: subcontracted production for BT to one party, the foundry business to another and finally NIKE itself to a third party. In 1988, NIKE acquired its competitor Bahco Kraftverktyg, including a product line of hydraulic rescue tools.


The following years were turbulent, and were characterised by several restructurings and changes of ownership. This culminated in the bankruptcy of NIKE's parent company in 1992 after various property speculations. But NIKE Hydraulics AB rose from the ashes in 1993 with three product lines: industrial hydraulics, rescue hydraulics and hydraulic lifting equipment. The foundation for what became today's REHOBOT Hydraulics AB was laid.During the 1990s, NIKE established subsidiaries in the USA (NIKE Hydraulics Inc.) and England (NIKE Power Equipment Ltd.) During this time, NIKE's quality management system was ISO 9001 certified. NIKE supplies hydraulics for a 32,000 tonne press used at the Centre for Particle Physics in CERN, Switzerland.


NIKE's environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001. Volkswagen, Ford, Scania and many other automotive customers choose NIKE as an OEM supplier of tools and jacks. At the same time, the company needed additional business space and purchased an 8,000 square metre production facility in Eskilstuna.


In 2010, NIKE Hydraulics went bankrupt due to a strained liquidity situation. The Obadiah Group acquired its bankruptcy estate and the company changed its name to REHOBOT Hydraulics. REHOBOT introduces a production philosophy based on LEAN. In 2011, fasteners on a segment of the Öland Bridge were replaced using equipment from REHOBOT Hydraulics, with four CX cylinders used to provide a combined lifting capacity of 1000 tonnes. REHOBOT Hydraulics sells products to customers in over 50 countries around the world. Since the takeover by the Obadiah Group, the company has been profitable every year. The company now has a new, stronger ownership structure, an ambition to grow and develop and, above all, a bright confidence in taking the company's exciting and historic journey further.

NIKE Hydraulics is now called REHOBOT Hydraulics

NIKE Hydraulics is a well-known brand for most people working with high pressure hydraulics. For many decades, high quality hydraulic products under the NIKE brand were produced in our factory in Eskilstuna, Sweden, and have been distributed all over the world.

In Eskilstuna, where we are still located, the name is very well known. Many people in the town have a relative, friend or neighbour who has worked at NIKE. We are proud of our strong ties to Eskilstuna, and of the fact that we still have world-class production in Sweden. Even today, we are often reminded of how much our customers enjoy their NIKE products.

Since 2011 the company is called REHOBOT Hydraulics AB instead of NIKE Hydraulics AB. It is the same, reliable quality you already like - but a new brand!

We look forward to serving you with world-class high pressure hydraulics for many decades to come!

Quality & Environment

Quality has always and will always be the basis for REHOBOT's success. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Both in terms of the products, but also in our service and support.

Everyone shares responsibility for our environment. Responsibility for our shared environment is at the centre of our business. When developing new products, we endeavour to consider all environmental aspects. The choice of materials, production methods and, not least, the impact of all our employees help us to conduct our business in a sustainable way.

In addition to always striving to minimise our own impact on the environment, we work actively with our suppliers and customers. Minimising the use of natural resources, improving energy efficiency and producing our products in a sustainable manner is our shared responsibility!

Environmental policy

REHOBOT Hydraulics AB, headquartered in Eskilstuna, develops, produces and markets industrial and workshop hydraulics and rescue equipment. Production consists mainly of machining and assembly.

Environmental issues are prioritised at the highest management level. We make environmental judgements in our operations.

Our current and future operations will at least comply with current environmental standards - legislation and other environmental requirements.

We are committed to continuous improvement at our company and our suppliers by developing processes and products to minimise resource use and pollution of air, soil and water.

Our employees are trained and motivated to perform their tasks in an environmentally safe manner.

Filip Redéen, CEO

Quality policy

REHOBOT Hydraulics AB, headquartered in Eskilstuna, develops, manufactures and markets high-pressure hydraulics in the automotive, industrial and rescue sectors. Production consists mainly of machining and assembly.

We strive to continuously improve the quality of our organisation and our suppliers through the development of processes and products.

We endeavour to always meet or exceed our defined or accepted and confirmed product safety requirements, customer requirements/wishes for products and services.

We do this by creating an environment that encourages all employees to strive for continuous improvement in quality assurance throughout the organisation.

Contacts with our customers and suppliers should focus on quality issues.

Our endeavour is to be a zero-defect supplier.

Filip Redéen, CEO

Development & Research

REHOBOT Hydraulics works with innovation, platform development and customisation. Our inventions and ideas often lead to a product or solution and are always based on an identified customer need.

Short lead times in development projects

For us, successful innovation requires that we understand and see the problem with our own eyes. We then develop our products in close co-operation with you, our customer. Often, we achieve results by adapting our existing product platforms, which shortens our Time to Market.

100 years of experience in industrial applications

Short lead times for our development projects, clear objectives and the fact that we use proven technology, ensure that REHOBOT can lead the development. With 100 years of experience in various application areas, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Produced by REHOBOT

The majority of REHOBOT's products are produced in our modern facilities in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Ensuring product quality, offering short delivery times and always being "Just in Time" are important success parameters for us.

Safe products through testing & verification

We ensure the function and performance of our products through extensive testing before delivery. Each pump undergoes test pressurisation. Our cylinders are loaded to ensure a safe and reliable product.

High delivery precision with the right product at the right time

Delivery precision has a high focus at REHOBOT. We mainly work with a customer order-driven production, but many of our products are also available for immediate delivery. This ensures delivery precision and means that our customers can rely on us.

We are proud to be able to label our products with "Made in Sweden" because it stands for quality, reliability and good performance.


REHOBOT Hydraulics AB is part of the REHOBOT Group. Our sister company Simson Power Tools AB develops, manufactures and sells hydraulic jacks and tools of the highest quality since 1952. Simson's compact jacks are the company's best-known product, combining high capacity, reliability and quality with ease of use and low weight.

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