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Hydraulic tools

The right product for the job!

REHOBOT supplies complete hydraulic systems to industrial and automotive customers. Hydraulic tools for pushing, pulling and lifting where great power in a small area is required.

Deduction trolley
Hydraulic tools

Fuelling trolleys AHV50-110

Hydraulic screeds are heavy tools, especially when you use the tool on a daily basis. This is where the screed carriage comes into play. A...

Lifting system
Hydraulic tools

Universal lifting system HTJ series

The modularity of today's car models places new demands on workshop equipment. Car parts, such as engine packages and rear axles, must be dismantled...

Specialised judgement
Hydraulic tools

High-build specialised jack (16HN)

REHOBOT's hand jack programme includes a wide range of standard models including extended or extra low variants as well as special jacks...

Bottle jacks
Hydraulic tools

Hand jacks H series

REHOBOT hand jacks include a wide range of standard models as well as specialised jacks for different applications.

Printing cylinders
Hydraulic tools

Double acting pressure cylinders DHC

The DHC12 series cylinders are largely made of aluminium, which means lower weight than comparable cylinders made of steel. DHC12...

Pressure kit
Hydraulic tools

Pressure kit 23 tonnes

With a capacity of 23 tonnes, REHOBOT's pressure kit contains all the necessary parts for the really heavy-duty jobs where large power resources ...

Push and pull kits
Hydraulic tools

Push & pull kits 11 tonnes

11 tonne push & pull kits are available in three variants: basic kit, standard kit and a universal kit. The choice of kit is determined by the area of use...

Push and pull kits
Hydraulic tools

Push & pull kits 5 tonnes

5 tons tryck & dragsatser finns i tre varianter: grundsats, standardsats och en universalsats. Valet av sats avgörs av vilket användningsomr...

Accessory kit
Hydraulic tools

ETS18 Accessory kit

The ETS18 Accessory Kit is designed to be used with the EBH18 Extended.

The ETS18 Accessory Kit is intended to be used for slotted...

Accessory kit
Hydraulic tools

EB18-DAF Accessory kit

The EB18-DAF is a complementary kit to the EBH18 Extended.

The EB18-DAF Accessory Kit is intended for use on DAF trucks with slotted buses.

Bushing tool kits
Hydraulic tools

Bushing tool kits ETC series

The ETC tapping and bushing tool has been developed for service purposes - both in the field and in workshops - in co-operation with the leading...

Bushing tool kit
Hydraulic tools

Bushing tool kit (18 tonnes) EBH18 Extended

For powerful and versatile performance. The EBH18 Extended hydraulic bushing tool kit is used in service centres around the world...

Bushing tool kits
Hydraulic tools

Bushing tool kits EBH series

The EBH hydraulic tool kit is used worldwide by service and repair workshops for a variety of purposes. Changing the bushing...

Track pin press
Hydraulic tools

Track Pin Press TPP

Our hydraulic Track Pin Press TPP63 is a press tool used to remove and install end pins on excavator track chains....

King pin press
Hydraulic tools

King Pin Press KPP-23

A difficult task that is often carried out by in connection with the servicing of lorries and construction machinery occurs in connection with the replacement of the vehicle's steering linkage....

Ball joint puller
Hydraulic tools

Ball joint extractor BEU

The BEU110 ball joint puller is a tool that convinces. The tool kit includes two different adapters (TD40 and TD50) as standard, which makes it...

Guide rail puller
Hydraulic tools

Guide rail puller BE57

The hydraulic guide puller has a significantly longer lifespan than comparable mechanical alternatives because it is used in conjunction with ...

Hydraulic spring tensioner
Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic spring tensioner SC23

The REHOBOT hydraulic spring tensioner is a universal and very powerful tool. The spring tensioner uses interchangeable spoons that...

Workshop press
Hydraulic tools

ZHB/ZMB series workshop presses

Workshop presses are easy to position and require little space. They are well suited for simple jobs such as dismantling or assembling the bus...

Wire tensioners
Hydraulic tools

Wire tensioner WPT

The WPT wire rope tensioner is used as tensioning equipment where steel wire rope is used for rock reinforcement in mines, tunnels, etc.

Hydraulic spreader
Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic spreaders ESH10 & CS series

Hydraulic spreaders are used to push apart, push out, widen or lift in small spaces or narrow openings. The tasks of ...

Hydraulic end cutter
Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic side and end cutters HCE25 / 369

Hydraulic side and end cutters are used, for example, for cutting rebar, bolts, wire, rivets, nuts and so on.

Man with express extractor
Hydraulic tools

Express puller EP59

An express puller is truly an amazing tool. It can be used for a variety of heavy-duty jobs such as dismantling and assembling axles...

Hydraulic screed
Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic screed AH

AH hydraulic screeds are designed for harsh industrial environments and are available in capacities from 5 tonnes to 20 tonnes.

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Hydraulic tools - The right product for the job!

REHOBOT manufactures high pressure hydraulic tools for a wide range of applications - where something needs to be pulled, pushed or lifted. We have a lot of experience and can solve your specific needs.

World-class high pressure hydraulics is our expertise since 1924, and to use its full potential in your particular application, we have a wide range of hydraulic tools.

We also have the opportunity to offer completely own, customised solutions if the need and volume are right. Contact us today if you have a unique need in your organisation!

Our standard range includes including pullers, specialised jacks, double-acting pressure cylinders, spring tensioners, push and pull kits and Track Pin Press.

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