New company presentation of Rehobot Hydraulics

It is with pleasure and pride that we present a brand new company presentation of Rehobot Hydraulics, and the business we have been running in Eskilstuna since 1924. The video is a tribute to the company's long and successful history and its continued commitment to driving innovation and quality in the hydraulics industry.

Through decades of dedication and investment in advanced technology, the company has not only maintained its competitiveness but also continued to develop new products and improve production processes. This video gives an insight into the company, taking viewers right into the factory.

"We are pleased to share this corporate presentation that summarises our company's heritage, our passion for high quality hydraulics and our strong belief in the future. We want to show our customers and partners our commitment to excellence and our willingness to continue to develop and deliver innovative solutions that meet their needs" says Filip Redéen, CEO of Rehobot Hydraulics.

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