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Hydraulic pumps

Turning the power of nature into working power

Hydraulics are used in all REHOBOT pumps. Using the power of nature simplifies the service and maintenance of your machines.

Air-operated hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps

Air-operated hydraulic pumps PPxx-9200

PPxx-9200 series air-operated hydraulic pumps are supplied with RC remote actuators. The hydraulic pump is controlled by means of button controls (start/stop and ...

Air-operated hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps

Air-operated hydraulic pumps PPxx-2500

FP, RC and MRV models have a built-in relief valve to return oil to the tank.
Sight glasses allow checking the oil level.
The l...

Air-operated hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps

Air-operated hydraulic pumps PPxx-1000

The compact air-operated hydraulic pumps PPxx-1000 can be used horizontally or vertically. The pumps can be easily manoeuvred by hand or foot.

Petrol driven hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps

Petrol-driven hydraulic pumps PMP

Petrol-driven hydraulic pumps with high oil flow. Petrol engine driven pumps are a good option when you need a mobile pump that does not require...

Electric motor driven hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pumps

Electric motor-driven hydraulic pumps PME

REHOBOT's electric motor-driven hydraulic pumps are reliable, flexible and easy to use. The pumps are well suited for applications where e...

Hydraulic hand pumps
Hydraulic pumps

PHS two-stage hydraulic hand pumps

All REHOBOT PHS series two-stage hydraulic hand pumps are equipped with a pressure gauge as standard. This gives the operator a precise ...

Hydraulic hand pump
Hydraulic pumps

Single-stage hydraulic hand pumps PH

PH series single-stage pumps have a simple but functional design. Few moving parts and a built-in safety valve make PH pumps safe. PH series...

Hydraulic pumps - take new power day!

REHOBOT pumps are functionally designed to withstand rough treatment in harsh environments. The applications for the products are many and varied. The pumps can be used together with other tools and cylinders included in REHOBOT's product programme.

REHOBOT pumps are used all over the world and in all kinds of environments. Examples include the engineering, automotive, mining and petrochemical industries.

We are happy to customise the design and performance of hydraulic pumps to meet our customers' needs, which always results in fit-for-purpose solutions.

Our designs are based on a long experience in hydraulics. The result is pumps that are easy to repair and service - saving time and money! The lifespan of REHOBOT pumps is unrivalled. Our pumps simply provide power that lasts for generations!

Hydraulic hand pumps - easy to move, ergonomic and can be fitted with a manometer. The hand pumps are the cheapest option of pumps. Up to 300 MPa pressure.

Air-operated hydraulic pumps - an affordable option with faster and more efficient operation. Requires access to compressed air. Up to 227 MPa working pressure.

Electric motor-driven hydraulic pumps - the best choice when large capacity is needed, e.g. when running several or larger cylinders in parallel. Can be expanded with different valve systems.

Petrol-driven hydraulic pumps - a good option when a mobile pumping unit is required, for example on construction sites or shipyards. Requires no external power source.

All REHOBOT hydraulic pumps are safe to use. Built-in safety valves, overfill valve and a rigorous testing procedure before delivery ensure a safe pump. All pumps are function tested before delivery.

Model overview pumps

  • PH series - Single-stage hydraulic hand pumps
  • PHS series - Two-stage hydraulic hand pumps (fast pumping action)
  • PME series - Electric motor-driven hydraulic pumps
  • PMP series - Petrol-driven hydraulic pumps
  • PP series - Air-operated hydraulic pumps

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