About REHOBOT Hydraulics

REHOBOT Hydraulics is a successful Swedish company that develop, produce and markets products and systems based on high pressure hydraulics.

Our products are associated with high quality and well known, mainly through the previous trademark NIKE Hydraulics. Our product line includes high pressure hydraulic pumps, cylinders, jacks and rescue equipment. Our business is devided into three main business areas:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Rescue

The company operate in Scandinavia, Europe and USA, but are also represented in other parts of the world through a network of distributors.

Today we employ more than 45 employees, reach an annual sales of approximately SEK 70 million, being profitable. We are facing major expansions. Capitalized the last year we invested in our new facilities, personnel and development of the company's product range. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Problem solver

We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality high-pressure hydraulics. In the development department, we work with modern technical facilities and have a well equipped testing laboratory. New products are often developed as a solution to one of our customers' problems. Through our long experience we can create solutions that are effective both in terms of power, time and money.

Strong together

Our products are marketed and distributed all over the world by means of a highlydeveloped dealer and service network.