Hydraulic cylinders

A hydraulic standard cylinder or something unique?

Hydraulic cylinders from REHOBOT are suitable for harsh environments. All REHOBOT cylinders can be provided with either a push-to-connect (male coupling half, AQU8) or a screw-to-connect (female coupling half, AQI24). Please contact us to find the perfect cylinder for your application and demands.


Hydraulic cylinders – performance in a limited space!

REHOBOT cylinders are designed to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. Their use are highly varied. The cylinders can be used wherever there is something which needs to be pulled, pushed or lifted.

REHOBOT's cylinders are used worldwide and in all possible environments. Some examples can be found within the engineering, automotive, mining and petrochemical industries.

The standard range of products is rich with cylinders of different strokes and capacity. We also provide a wide range of accessories extending the use of the cylinders.
We are happy to tailor the cylinders to our customers' needs. Something that enables flexible and cost effective solutions with virtually unlimited lifting capacity. The cylinders are an effective tool for all use ranging from small precision work to lifting of 500-ton bridge sections.

Our designs are based on more then 80 years of experience within the field of hydraulics. The results are cylinders which are easy to repair and service - saving time and money, thus providing a low total cost of ownership for the user. The pistons on our cylinders are hard chromed, making them resistant to wear and free of rust. The quality and performance of REHOBOT's products ensure long term tangible benefits. Our hydraulic cylinders simply last for generations!

The choice of the cylinder is normally selected by the working operation, pressure range, stroke and boundary dimensions of the cylinder. Considerations when selecting the cylinder for a specific application should also be given to the available range various accessories like extension tubes, pressure heads etc. All to make the most out of the hydraulic solution.

When an existing hydraulic equipment is available, the selection of cylinder preferably become based on the existing equipment's pressure range. All to deliver the greatest flexibility and overall economy.

We are happy to offer our knowledge and offer cost effective solutions.

REHOBOT hydraulic cylinders feature

  • Hard chromed pistons, making them resistant to wear and free of rust.
  • Galvanized cylinders for increaed corrosion resistance.
  • Mechnical stoppage of the piston movement.

Quick coupling on all cylinders

  • An AQU8 (male) quick coupling is normally mounted on all cylinders on delivery.
  • AQI24 quick coupling (female) can be equipped during manufacturing. In such cases shall a ’’P’’ be added to the product designation, e.g. CF104P.