Product launch of our new electric-powered hydraulic pump

REHOBOT Hydraulics is proud to launch our brand new electric hydraulic pump PME70-2500MRV/VR70. With many smart features, we believe this newly developed electric pump will satisfy a wide range of customers in various applications.

PME70-2500MRV/VR70 (51810)

Information about the programme

  • 2500 cm3 volume of oil.
  • Lightweight and low-profile design.
  • Robust and durable with aluminium oil reservoir.
  • Low-maintenance induction motor - no need to change carbon brushes.
  • Low noise level - below 80 dB.
  • Oil filler cap with in-built air valve to prevent over- and under-pressure in the oil reservoir.


  • Easily accessible adjustable pressure control valve with range 0-70 MPa. Pressure is maintained until the release valve is manually opened.
  • Hold-to-run IP65 remote control.
  • Built-in protected factory-set safety valve in the oil tank.
  • Handy carrying handle that also protects the manometer.

Click here to see our technical data sheet containing data showing the product's performance, dimensional drawings and functional descriptions.

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