How to configure a hydraulic system

Configuring the correct hydraulic system for your specific application can sometimes be a difficult task. Usually, you know exactly what you want to accomplish, but you are not certain of how to get there, or what equipment to use. Of course, the task gets even more complex if you’re not familiar with hydraulics in general, or REHOBOT products in particular.

For these instances, we have documented some of the most requested set-ups – complete with illustrations, product designations and part numbers. Some of these cases include:

  • External safety valve for regulating pressure VR30 / VR31 / VR150
  • Lifting four points with the same weight
  • Control two / three / four cylinders at the same time
  • Using shut-off valves
  • Composing an ultra high pressure system with PHS pumps
  • Attach a gauge onto PP70-1000-series

The document also gives important information and valuable insight on different sealing methods, oil types and viscosity and parallel/synchronous lifting applications.

You will find the documentation right here: Instructions on mounting hoses & accessories (MA65680), as well as on the technical documentation for our PHS pumps and our Accessories page.

We hope you will find it useful. Of course, you are also always welcome to contact sales and support staff from REHOBOT, and we will happily help you.